3bakti goes to 4 bakti

tuesday , jan 6
Dear Diary,
today is the 2nd day of school , n i had a lott of fun so far . it's really hard for me to get up early today . after my mum calling n yelling fer several times then i realized i have to go to school . i go to school like always n bla , bla , bla waiting fer en. kamar finish babling about rules , rules n rules . n guess what ?
i saw my ex was here . he was here at smk seksyen 10 , kd .OMG!he move here since dec2008.
n i gonna meet him at school evryday . urghh!! n he look so messy .

itu lahh yng aku tlis bile pn.rohaizah ask to write diary/journal about what had hppen to us 2day . n she said that my stry is the best . ahha .patuh kne bce dpn klas . gyle malu ouhh . cm na nanges ponn ade . but its oke . im16!(ahha,pe lahh yg na dbngekn sngt kn 16 tu enn)
n ta lme lpas tuh pn rohasinrsuria msuk klas . n die aja math yg agk mmningkn . cm lawak ahh tngk mke die . siyes smngt gyle maty ouhh die . but bley msuk otak jgak la ngn die .
tenkiuk cikgu . n sryyy 4 glakn cikgu td .