okay , maybe niy mcm drastic sket , so jgn tkjut oke , nak tkjut pon boleh lahh . he is someone i had a crash on since i was in form2 . tak tau lahh kenapa ada perasaan pelik sgt2 dengan . TUHAN JE TAU . i try to b myself infront of him , but obviously i cant , im trying hardly to b smone that he like , which is smthng i should'nt do , right ? tp mmg syg die lahh . na sbt name die ?sumpah malu , takut die bace , oke , jst fer clue , die tngl dkt2 jeh dr my place , die E !! yess , its u dear , klaw tak , tak kn aku sruh kaw bce blog aku yg crap niy , ahh , malu lahh ! hha ;D