AUGUST sucks !

speechless :( IM SPEEEECCHHHHLLLEEEESSSS !!i really can't think any word to say . can smbody please scan my mind and tell me what am i thinking right now .seriously im an BIGGEST IDIOTIC LOSER .jst say it ,tk gune pendam .nti hati sndri sakit .noo ,i hve eryone to tlk to .people around me is more than enough fer me utk edisi mengadu-domba .tp nk ckp ape ?why can't i think any simple word *only a word ,to express my feeling toward you ?please make it fast .dnt toucher me lke this .jst do it .yesss ,this month .this stupid august !jgn bwk penderitaan ni melarut smpai september . i had enough !please ema ,be urself .be the old you .where is your bravely mulut lancang mencanag orang tu .knpa skrg bkak mulut pn kaw malu ?dah la .