A single drop of rain may seems like a small thing .

But you must remember , - it never comes alone .
it has friends .

And when they come thumbling out of the sky in their millions ,
they have the power to change the world .

They fill the dams that lights our homes ,
nourish the plants that feeds us ,
and lift the great rivers that carry our ships .

In small things , too , they make miracles .

Flowers stand straight to greet them ,
a hot afternoon saftens its glare .
and before they leave for ....
other tasks ....

They may paint a rainbow or two for our
pleasure .

How cam something so small achieve such
great things ?

....... it is possible ,

There is power in each of us to achieve ,
things beyond our imagining .

A power that is at its best and brightest
when many become one .

jumbo dino pumpkin