end up the way u want

assalamualaikum :)

yess , i once said that im really thankful to have you by my side .

even im not your only one but at least you are mine .

BUT it dosn't mean that you can hurt me the way you want .


i have feelings

i have dreams

i have needs

i have life to live

i have my family

i have my friends

but still i need you to complete my life

eh really ? do i ? i had tried to forget you , but seriously tok bomoh yang you pakai really works .

three years back , andd entah kenapaa im still hoping that you can trust me the way you used to .

bodohnyaa saya ni kan ! damn , i admit , you won ! i give up andd i'll follow the flow .

you rules the game now !

i love you the way you are , so i'll hold on no matter what comes .