Assalamualaikum :D

hey so this week is just a not-an-awesome week at all for me . even its spreads wide through blogger and facebooker and not forgotten orang surau + kanakkanak + macikmacik jiran + geng cik kiah pekasam and of course footballer fans , about the winning of Malaysian Team last night . ouh Congrats :D . them and almost everyone iiisss happy . why should'nt they kan ? but me , huh where should i start ? *sigh . from one to another .. problems cames . and it end up just like usual - SUCKS ! and this time its WORST(S ) . i dont even know what had i done . and obviously i know it was my fault . my very big mistake . yeah thousands of sorries - but still im unforgiven . i understand andd for sure aku tak salahkan kaw .

is it hard to say iloveyou ? is it ? seriously ? its just a word . ouh yeah a very simple three word that hold one big duty to brings together two heart become one . *walaweyh sejak bila pandai nak jiwang ni haa ? . oke stop , back to the track . this love im talking about is not a very major issue in this country , mungkin . *bukan hubungan cinta yang tak mendapat jaminan islam sampai kes buang bayi menbiakbiak . ahh sudaah . or maybe its just me ... *im too paranoid i guess .

love is to universal . agree ? *angguk cepat . and it is unstoppable . agree ? *anguk lagii . and i assume evryone has the rights to be love . not just an assume , it is a MUST . mesti punyaa laa tak kira sehina mana pun kaw , mesti ada orang yang sayang . setuju ? *anguk cepat sambil angkat tangan kanan dan jerit WoopWoop . buat jangan tak buat ,

Allah tu Maha Melihat !

nahh asek tersasar keluar track ni ta pandai kawal stereng sungguh . *sajaa lah nak cakap dengan bangganya saya dah lulus Ujian Memandu dengan cemerlang pagi tadi . riak sunnguh . mm so again this is not an boy-girl love im talking about . persetankan semuaa itu .


this just reminded me of our empty talk *cakap kosong*hha . last time with my bestie12 :D
how often you say iloveyou to your mom?
how often you hug ur mum in a day ?
is it comfortable to share all your problems with your mom ?

andd i would GREEATTLY SAY YES . andd its just a routine for me to hug and kiss my mom .
*tak pecaya pegi tanya sendiri .


itu yang dia selalu cakap

that is the most powerful word u gave me the day we get closer . andd from that makes me more confident about your word 'iloveyou' in each of your letter . *naah bersurat macam orang duludulu .

but now ? apa dah jadii ? apa jadi dengan janji kaw haa ? each and every word came out from your mouth - as fresh as *kegembiraan bola sepak* dalam hati aku ni . that is the way i treat people i love .

once i said i love then i love , a second is hate it will be forever

last word u gave me .
my heart breaking into pieces you know
nahh , sampai hati kaw kan :'(
than that will be our last conversation .
thanksyou so much i'll appreciate evrythng u had done to me :DD

( spelling & grammar rosak )
*macam mana laa nak jadi teacher english cengini .

terima kasih sudi membaca even this post takda kene mengena dengan kamu semua
andd to you , yess awak tau kan saya tulis pasal awak :)